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This week we are talking to one of Australia's most influential fisheries researcher Mark Turner from Goulburn Broken. Mark goes into depth on why, what and how the government is ensuring the future of fishing, this is a fascinating interview and well worth listening to...cheers Merv

Merv Hughes Fishing > 21/09/2018
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GOLD GOLD GOLD This week we chat to Mr. Minelab himself the one and only Fraser Kendell. If gold is your thing and you wish to learn how, what and most importantly WHERE this week's podcast is a definite listen...cheers Merv

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Merv Hughes Fishing > 14/09/2018
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Having a great time in the Territory aboard good mates boat Seachange , love this place...cheers Merv

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Merv Hughes Fishing > 12/09/2018
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On this weeks podcast I've met my moustache match...our guest is legendary fishing guru...the moustached one....BUSHY. Bushy opens up about all things fishing including his role on Rex Hunt Fishing and how he and Starlo changed the fishing landscape with their range of soft plastics being Squidgies....enjoy cheers Merv

Merv Hughes Fishing > 06/09/2018
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This week our special guest in one of Australia's best known Barra fisherman...not as good as his wife...but nearly as good. Jason Rogers is a former guide in the NT and what he doesn't know about Barra isn't worth knowing. Jason is now a key member of the Anaconda brand in the Territory and he opens up about all things TOP END....cheers Merv

Merv Hughes Fishing > 30/08/2018
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This week our guest is Australian fishing royalty Tim "the bream" Morgan and he talks about all things new in Rapala lures. Tim shares his knowledge about lure fishing and which lures will dominate the near future. He covers all species and how to catch more fish more often.....enjoy cheers Merv

Merv Hughes Fishing > 23/08/2018
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This week we chat to legendary Jewie hunter Peter Le Blanc from Harbour and Estuary charters north of Sydney in the mighty Hawkesbury River. Peter has been fishing the Hawkesbury for over 40 years and opens up on how to catch all species including Jews, Kingies, Flatties and Bream...If it swims he's caught it....enjoy cheers Merv

Merv Hughes Fishing > 16/08/2018
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